R&D Capacity
(1) Epitope mapping for medical and diagnostic antibodies
(2) Design novel therapeutics targeting at the interface of abnormal protein-protein interaction
(3) Protein structure-assisted development of small-molecule drugs
(4) Structure-based protein engineering for development of high-value biotechnology products
(5) Structure-based protein engineering for development of agricultural or aquaculture products
(6) Develop certified process for quality control of recombinant antibodies
(7) Identification of antibody-based therapeutics by high-end mass spectrometer technology
(8) Identification of the surface glycosylation signature of medical antibody by utilizing sequencing technology of glyco-proteome
(9) Identification of cellular receptor through MS-based proteomics technology
(10) Determination on covalent drug-modified sites required for covalently bound enzyme-inhibitor complex by nanoUPLC‐nanoESI‐LTQ‐Orbitrap to further improve drug efficacy
(11) Identification of antibody-targeting protein by fine analysis of the whole-glycopeptide signatures
(12) Drug development and lead optimization
(13) Drug reposition and target identification
(14) Target identification for key ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine and/or whole plant through computational structural biology
(15) Computational systems biology for genomic analysis
(16) Computational systems biology for proteomic analysis

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