Industry & Academics
This project will integrate frontier protein technologies, including protein expression, physicochemical characterization, X-ray crystal diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, computational analysis, cryo-electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering, to assist both industry and research institutions in solving protein related technical issues or research problems and thus advance the development of new products.
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Types of collaboration:
1.  Consultation on research problems or technical issues and suggestions on scientific experiments for evaluation.
2.  Assistance in specific key experiments and training of personnel(s) for tech transfer.
3.  Perform preliminary studies for evaluation and proof-of-concept (days/weeks).
4.  Perform mid-term experiments to evaluate manufecturing potentials (weeks/months).
5.  Enter into a long-term collaborative agreement (months/years).

Contact: Ms. Ming-Yi Lin
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