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  TPP member-Doctoral Student Yao-Kai Chang from Dr. Ming-Daw Tsai’s lab won Academic Year 108 “Dean’s Award” of College of Life Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. {News link}
  TPP Co-PI, Dr. Po-Huang Liang ‘s team – Breakthrough in COVID-19 Medicine Development: Taiwanese Team Discovers Protease Inhibitors to Inhibit the Virus. {News link}
  TPP-A3 team member, Dr. An-Suei Yang ‘s lab – Catching Virus Fast! Academia Sinica discovered useful antibodies for developing rapid immune based test kit of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. {News link}
  TPP collaborative project – Through the looking glass of cryoEM, unveiling the unique molecular structure and camouflaging sugar coating of feline coronavirus surface spike protein. {News link}

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